psychiatry.jpgHello, and welcome! 

This website is freshly updated and launched to help people learn more about all things psychiatry: mental conditions, professional treatments, self-help strategies, reflections on life,  lots of extra tidbits, and a new “Dear Doc” column.”

So you want to know more about mental illness and its treatments, about surviving and going beyond?  Here are some random articles to start you off.

Blogs about mental illness and treatment:

How-to guides:

“Living beyond survival” posts:

FreudThe goal is to touch on all things related to the human psyche, and then some.  This is a place filled with lots of questions, many without easy solutions, but I hope my questions help you find some answers.  Or at least give you food for thought.

Not sure where to go or how to find what you’re looking for?  Wander over to the “pick a topic” menu on the right side of the page (for tablets and phones, it might have migrated to the bottom) and click away.  Still not sure?  Check out the site navigation space to see an overview of this website.


Please remember that the information you find here is not meant to be a substitute for real medical care.  It isn’t meant to and doesn’t provide professional diagnosis, services, or medical advice to you or any other individual.  Everyone is unique; the ideas you find here may not apply to your situation. Please make an appointment with a mental health professional for proper diagnosis and treatment of any psychiatric condition.  Keep in mind that no interaction or information on this website establishes a doctor-patient relationship. 

That said, thanks for visiting.  Now go forth and stamp out mental suffering! 


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