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150+ fun things to do

You’re bored, life’s come to a halt, and you need relief right now.  It could be depression, or it might just be that you need an idea to jumpstart you along.  One way or the other, pick a number and have doc 2017-12-12 07.56.17_1

  1. Dance in your living room or have a night on the town
  2. Write in a journal
  3. Take your dog for a walk
  4. Ride a motorcycle
  5. Listen to good (uplifting) music
  6. Watch a good movie
  7. Knit or crochet
  8. Color in a coloring book
  9. Go swimming
  10. Play with a pet
  11. Burn incense or candles
  12. Ride a bicycle
  13. Think about good memories
  14. Do puzzles
  15. Cut out pictures and make a collage
  16. Make paper airplanes and throw them
  17. Garden
  18. Origami
  19. Tell someone you love them
  20. Use the computer
  21. Look at old photographs or letters
  22. Write cards and send them to friends
  23. Play video games
  24. Go for a walk
  25. Talk to yourself out loud
  26. Make funny noises and laugh at yourself
  27. Sing in the shower
  28. Make beads or figures out of clay
  29. Play an instrument
  30. Read something funny or inspiringwoman with book saying fun things to do
  31. Make necklaces and other jewelry
  32. Soak in the bathtub
  33. Make a memory book
  34. Organize old photographs
  35. Collect coins, stamps, watches, etc
  36. Go to the aquarium and watch the fish
  37. Make a photo album
  38. Lie out in the sun
  39. Do something artistic
  40. Try to laugh even when you don’t feel like it. Look for humor. Laugh for no reason.
  41. Read about getting over depression, anxiety, stress, or whatever it is that ails you
  42. Care for your plans or garden
  43. Doodle. Draw stick-people and have fun with it
  44. Cook or bake.
  45. Read past journals you’ve written
  46. Make a gift for someone
  47. Sit out on porch or balcony
  48. Train your parrot to talk, teach your pet tricks
  49. Read and write poetry
  50. Curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and listen to the rain. If it isn’t raining, download an app that makes rain sounds
  51. Spend time with family
  52. Look for inspiring quotes on the internet
  53. Look for funny or cute pictures on the internet
  54. Read comic books
  55. Write out dreams
  56. Design a website
  57. Tattoo yourself or somebody else with henna
  58. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and drink it slowly
  59. Take a napnew doc 2017-11-23 10.32.03_6
  60. Smoke a cigarette
  61. Go back to school
  62. Share your dreams and achievements with a trusted friend
  63. Play table games
  64. Write a story
  65. Take photographs
  66. Search Facebook for old friends
  67. Look at art books
  68. Make a home-made movie
  69. Do woodwork
  70. Take care of a bonsai tree
  71. Buy or sell stock
  72. Go to the park and feed the ducks & geese.
  73. Call a friend
  74. Go hiking
  75. Plan a camping trip/ go camping
  76. Plan a holiday (whether you plan to go or not)
  77. Go on a picnic
  78. Arrange flowers
  79. Fly a kite
  80. Think good thoughts about self and world
  81. Go to an art store
  82. Go to a pet store and look at the animals
  83. Learn how to skateboardnew doc 2017-11-25 11.16.24_8
  84. Go roller-skating
  85. Go to an electronic store, play with gadgets
  86. Paint a picture. Paint your house.
  87. Go window shopping
  88. Think about getting married
  89. Go shopping. Wander about a department store
  90. Make puzzles
  91. Draw a maze
  92. Go horseback riding
  93. Roll down a hillside, or take a piece of cardboard and slide down
  94. Play on kids’ swings
  95. Go to church
  96. Make friends
  97. Hang a birdfeeder outside your house
  98. Take up a sport
  99. Watch squirrels and birds in your backyard
  100. Go downtown and people watch
  101. Feed a stray or wild animal (in a safe way)
  102. Go bowling
  103. Go to the library and browse
  104. Go to the beach
  105. Go househunting. Go see open houses
  106. Go for a walk in the rain
  107. Go to garage sales
  108. Spend the day fishing
  109. Participate in a theatre production
  110. Meditatenew doc 2017-12-07 12.05.32_7
  111. Dress up just for the fun of it
  112. Go for a short drive. Explore a neighborhood you’ve never visited before.
  113. Sign up on a dating site and explore your options.
  114. Go on a date
  115. Visit the YMCA or YWCA
  116. Learn how to read palms
  117. Learn how to do tarot and impress your friends
  118. Learn how to juggle
  119. Learn a few magic tricks
  120. Visit the local café and get to know the staff
  121. Go see a psychic
  122. Think about new ways to make money
  123. Go back to school. Take free community classes
  124. Join a support group.
  125. Join a hiking group, book club, writer’s support group, etc. Meet new people.
  126. Attend a twelve step meeting.
  127. Go for a doc 2017-11-21 20.56.33_1
  128. Buy music you like
  129. Volunteer at a hospital, homeless shelter, animal shelter, library, or other place.
  130. Adopt a pet.
  131. Spend the afternoon cloud watching
  132. Play card games alone or with someone
  133. Practice karate or judo
  134. Go to free events or discussions in town
  135. Do mindfulness exercises
  136. Use imagery to overcome stress.
  137. Go to a comedy club or read a funny book.
  138. Pray
  139. The next time it rains, go for a walk and jump into the puddles
  140. Invite somebody over to your house and bake a cake
  141. Go to the mall
  142. Take a long-distance course or return to schoolnew doc 2017-12-12 07.56.17_4
  143. Think about past vacations
  144. Read a newspaper and catch up on current events
  145. Build model cars, airplanes, etc
  146. Use free internet at library
  147. Go to the theater or movies
  148. Hang out in a bookstore.
  149. Go out and drink a beer or two with friends
  150. Practice coping skills
  151. Read a blog about mental health

No money? No problem.  Check out Fun stuff you can do for free.

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