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Having a problem finding your way around?  Here’s a quick breakdown: the heart of this website is divided into five sections.

  • Mental health conditions
  • Professional treatment
  • How-to-thrive page (Self-help articles)
  • Extra tidbits
  • The dear doc column page.

Each section is an A-Z list of articles, and there’s a lot to choose from.  Below you’ll find a little information on each section — with sample titles.

Psychiatric illness explainedMental health problems

Mental health conditions interfere with a person’s personality, mood,  thoughts, and/or perceptions of reality.  This section includes listings like:

TreatmentProfessional help

This page offers information about professional treatments.  Topics include:

new doc 2017-12-29 19.48.39_4How to thrive page

These articles are devoted to D-I-Y self-care.  Here are some examples:

what's a tidbit

Tidbits and stuff

This section, Extra Tidbits, includes articles that don’t fit into other categories.  Titles include:

What's the meaning of life
Dear Doc Column

The “Dear Doc” page is a psychiatric version of “Dear Abby.”  The plan is to start with typical queries I get from my own patients… then humbly try to answer public questions as they come in.  So far posts include questions about:

Please remember that the information you find here is not meant to be a substitute for real medical care.  It isn’t meant to and doesn’t provide professional diagnosis, services, or medical advice to you or any other individual.  Everyone is unique; the ideas you find here, including answers to questions, may not apply to your situation. Please make an appointment with a mental health professional for proper diagnosis and treatment of any psychiatric condition.  Keep in mind that no interaction or information on this website establishes a doctor-patient relationship. 

That said, thanks for visiting.  Now go forth and stamp out mental suffering!

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