Humor: a list to laugh for

 Start every day with a smile and get it over with.

 W.C. Fields

laughter is the best medicineFeeling under the weather?  You might want to try a chuckle or two.  Recent studies show that laughter cures everything.

Maybe not quite everything, but it sure is healthy.  Laughter increases the release of endorphins in our bodies, helping us feel warm emotion and diminishing pain.  It also seems to increase blood oxygenation, strengthen the immune system, and lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and cortisol levels.  Some specialists even recommend laughing for weight loss.  It raises the heart rate, making it a “mild aerobic exercise,” and one minute of laughing burns… well, you’d have to laugh for twelve hours to lose one pound.  Not the quickest way to slim the waist, but it’s an enormously fun way to do it.

With the understanding that you’re medically cleared by your doctor before performing any of these tasks, here’s a list of “laughter-provoking” activities.

  1. Read comics, like Farside
  2. Watch funny movies, like Young Frankenstein
  3. Do a Google search for “do a barrel roll”
  4. Watch old Monty Python reruns
  5. Learn how to beat-box
  6. Ask Siri to do a beatbox for you
  7. Sing out loud when alone
  8. Check out these funny banned commercials
  9. Watch stand-up comedy
  10. Talk to your pet
  11. Ask Siri to divide 0 by 0Big-time math
  12. Make a short comedy flick with a friend using your iPhone camera
  13. Make a short horror film with a friend using your iPhone camera
  14. Type “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” into Google
  15. Ask Siri, “What does the fox say?”
  16. Read the Funnies
  17. Look for nasty jokes on the internet
  18. Ask Siri what’s the answer to the universe
  19. Catch up on fake news with the Onion News Network (see Facebook)
  20. Listen to something funny on NPR, like Car Talk
  21. Talk to inanimate objects for the fun of it (like your computer or car, preferably when alone)
  22. Hang out with a little kid who likes to laugh
  23. Hang out with anybody who likes to laugh
  24. Google “Atari breakout”
  25. Have a water balloon fight
  26. Ask Siri what a joke is
  27. Look up “funny pictures” in a search engine
  28. Look up “funny pictures” on Pinterest
  29. Search “funny videos” or “cute videos” in YouTube
  30. Download a pet kitten onto your iPhone (Talking Tom)
  31. Ask Siri where to hide the body
  32. (Do #31, and wait for someone near you to say, “what body?”)
  33. Text “I hid the body” to a friend or random number
  34. Follow funny people on Twitter
  35. Do cartwheels, or try to do them
  36. Type “flip a coin” or “roll a die” into Google search engine
  37. Egosurf (search yourself online)
  38. Make your iPhone pics dance and sing with an app like Ifunface.
  39. Go to a burlesque play
  40. Call Domino’s and ask for the number for Pizza Hut
  41. Ask Siri what she looks like
  42. Start a scrapbook of funny things your family say or do
  43. Watch the Comedy Channel
  44. If you find English-gone-wrong funny, check out
  45. Ask Siri to tell you a story
  46. Keep a running log of good jokes to tell others
  47. Control a 3-D dragon using the phone app Dragon Detectordragon
  48. Draw cartoons
  49. Learn how to draw cartoons
  50. Buy a funny-looking fish
  51. Visit the “humor” section of a bookstore and read something
  52. Play the Charades-like phone app HeadsUp with friends
  53. Ask Siri, “What’s your favorite app?”
  54. Go watch penguins at the zoo
  55. Go to a circus
  56. Tell Siri the line, “I see a little silhouetto of a man…”

What do you think?  Is there anything worthwhile that I missed?  If so, add your ideas in the comment section below.  Until then, happy laughing!

“Humor is just another defense against the universe.” – Mel Brooks

“Some jokes are less agreeable than others.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe


4 thoughts on “Humor: a list to laugh for

  1. My favorite things to get me laughing are watching The Daily Show and The Late Show – not that I’m awake to see them broadcast on late night, but that’s what the internet is for 😉


    1. Wow, you’re right. Stephen Colbert’s a hoot! I keep thinking about all the TV shows I could have included in the list. There are so many of them, I wouldn’t know where to start: Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy, Seinfeld, Scrubs, Impractical Jokers, Who’s Line is it Anyway…

      Liked by 1 person

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