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No more addiction war stories

From the book-in-process, Recovery: Weird & Wacky Workbook.

This revamped worksheet briefly examines addiction-related “war stories” — remembering the “good ol’ days,” fascination with using, and jokes about relapse — and identifies why they could be a problem.


Worksheet 11: No more War Stories

war stories png


1.c    Judy’s stories are problematic in multiple ways.  They undermine the seriousness of the meeting and drug use, emphasize perceived positives that could affect anyone on the fence relapse-wise, and do little to point anyone in the right direction: recovery.

2.a   Especially in the beginning, recovery must be driven by as basic a standpoint as possible when it comes to addiction: “recovery is good” and “drugs are bad.”   It’s a very difficult battle, and that’s got to be the take-home message.

3.b   Seeking treatment for ADHD isn’t drug-seeking behavior if the intention is legitimate, not obsessive in nature, and open to all options — and if the doctor’s decisions are accepted.  That said, most doctors will err on the side of no stimulants for people with substance use disorders.  There are other meds available for ADHD.  If you have questions, touch bases with your provider.

4. False.  There are easier ways to disagree with someone…

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