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Seeking screen-writers: Good Guy vs Addiction

This post is about addiction.  And making movies.  The issue: sometimes problems get stuck inside us, so ingrained they seem to become part of who we are.  We are alcohol.  We are drugs.  We are addiction.  Okay, we're NOT addiction, but problems like substance abuse and gambling are so invasive we're not sure where they… Continue reading Seeking screen-writers: Good Guy vs Addiction

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No more addiction war stories

From the book-in-process, Recovery: Weird & Wacky Workbook. This revamped worksheet briefly examines addiction-related “war stories” — remembering the “good ol’ days,” fascination with using, and jokes about relapse -- and identifies why they could be a problem.   Worksheet 11: No more War Stories Answers: 1.c    Judy's stories are problematic in multiple ways.  They… Continue reading No more addiction war stories