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Mental health worksheets

Welcome to the Mental Health and You! "Mental health worksheets" page, a list of printable handouts all in PDF format.  They can be used for self-help/self-exploration or for providers with patients.  Sorry, this page is a work in progress!   Addiction Addiction - Getting to know yourself after recovery - a 2-page journey. This is… Continue reading Mental health worksheets

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Journal like your life depends on it

The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with. --Marty Feltman. Mental health providers encourage their patients to keep journals.  Sometimes it's almost obsessive.  We journal!  Everyone should journal!  Write like you're fighting for your life! But why do we write?  I guess it's because the empty page is a place… Continue reading Journal like your life depends on it

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PTSD: conquering nightmares

People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often suffer from debilitating nightmares.  The dreams can be so terrifying the person is afraid to sleep. If this sounds familiar, here are six nightmare-busting methods that might help you conquer those bad dreams. (1) Talk about the nightmares.  Share your dreams with someone you trust, ideally a therapist… Continue reading PTSD: conquering nightmares

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100 ways to conquer depression

Often when I see a patient with depression, I show them the List*.  It's just a basic run-through of available treatments for depression.  It takes five separate angles -- biological, psychological, social, systems, and alternative methods -- and pulls them together onto one sheet. But this List is about more than just conquering an illness. … Continue reading 100 ways to conquer depression

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Psychosis: dealing with the voices

Many people hear things that others can’t hear.  These are called hallucinations, but for the person hearing them, they're real. Sometimes the voices can be terrifying.  They're belittling and constant and overwhelming.  They can be so loud it's hard to ignore them.  Occasionally they even tell the person to do dangerous things. Voices aren't always… Continue reading Psychosis: dealing with the voices

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Ways to deal with PTSD triggers

We all come across things that trigger difficult memories, but for people with PTSD, these memories  jumpstart a cascade of internal events that washes on panic, horror, or rage. Then there are the triggered thoughts.   Sometimes they're clear and distressing  ("it's happening all over again" or "I deserve this"), at other times a jumbled… Continue reading Ways to deal with PTSD triggers

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How to deal with difficult people

It takes guts to deal with toxic relationships.  The difficult person might be a peer at school, colleague, parent, sibling, or neighbor, and they can do damage.  This post is about dealing with problem situations in assertive ways. Being assertive means standing up for your rights in a direct, honest way.  It's about solving a… Continue reading How to deal with difficult people

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Addiction: 4 ways to battle cravings

You’re trying to escape an addiction. That could be food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, or smoking.  One of the biggest challenges you're dealing with, especially at the beginning of your recovery, could be those urges to “feed” the addiction.  You’re bound to have cravings.  It happens to all recovering addicts, and it isn’t easy.  But remember,… Continue reading Addiction: 4 ways to battle cravings

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11 ways to overcoming all adversity

"It is what it is.  Isn't that how these things always go?  They are what they are.  We just get to cope." -- Mira Grant, Feed Okay, give me a minute.  Today I want to get up on my soap box and say "Yay!" to overcoming all adversity, finding the perfect life, and always knowing… Continue reading 11 ways to overcoming all adversity