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Addiction: 4 ways to battle cravings

You’re trying to escape an addiction. That could be food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, or smoking.  One of the biggest challenges you're dealing with, especially at the beginning of your recovery, could be those urges to “feed” the addiction.  You’re bound to have cravings.  It happens to all recovering addicts, and it isn’t easy.  But remember,… Continue reading Addiction: 4 ways to battle cravings

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Personal Crisis Plan: Getting Through The Hard Times

It's a good idea for anyone with a mental health condition to have a crisis plan at the ready, an outline for dealing with rough moments. The best time to write a crisis plan is when you’re doing well.  As you sit down and try to pull a plan together, consider what kinds of activities and services you sought out in… Continue reading Personal Crisis Plan: Getting Through The Hard Times

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When somebody you care about is an addict

Substance abuse affects everyone involved, not just the addict.  The addict's personality has changed.  They tend to lie and ask for money and care little about quality time with those who care about them.  They may do and say things that upset others and leave the family ashamed or angry. Blood relationships and friendships are… Continue reading When somebody you care about is an addict

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Questions about addiction

How much do you really know about substance abuse? Do you know the difference between a habit and an addiction? Why some drugs are addicting, while others aren't? How drugs and alcohol affect the brain? Why some people get hooked and others don't? Not sure?  Keep reading!  Below you'll find a list of FAQ related… Continue reading Questions about addiction

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Addiction: Drugs People Abuse

Or: what do you know about the drugs people abuse? "Drugs are a waste of time.  They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self-esteem."  --Kurt Cobain Perhaps you're here because you're an addict questioning the safety of your drug, or your have a daughter or neighbor with an… Continue reading Addiction: Drugs People Abuse