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Stepping outside yourself: dissociative disorders

Okay, let's start with the formal definition: dissociation is a disturbance in one’s experience of reality.  It occurs any time there's a disruption in the normally integrated functions of a person’s consciousness.  Dissociation can vary from distortion of perception to total shifts of identity.  This phenomenon is often triggered by severe, repetitive psychological trauma.  Some… Continue reading Stepping outside yourself: dissociative disorders

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PTSD: conquering nightmares

People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often suffer from debilitating nightmares.  The dreams can be so terrifying the person is afraid to sleep. If this sounds familiar, here are six nightmare-busting methods that might help you conquer those bad dreams. (1) Talk about the nightmares.  Share your dreams with someone you trust, ideally a therapist… Continue reading PTSD: conquering nightmares