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Imagery: the man who reads, part 2

(Go to part 1) The Now (continued)  It's taken the Reader hours of obsessive reading to reach the Now.  By this time he's picked up on the soap opera, roller-coaster aspects of your life.  He's hooked.  You're his favorite character in the book, and he desperately wants to see how your story turns out. What… Continue reading Imagery: the man who reads, part 2

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Perspective: seven ways to change your future

"If you don't like your perspective, change it." What's reality, and if there is a reality, why does each person see it so differently? For example, one man sees his dog sitting on an old couch and thinks "Oh, wow, I need to buy a new couch, and that dog needs walking.  I don't have… Continue reading Perspective: seven ways to change your future

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Psychosis: dealing with the voices

Many people hear things that others can’t hear.  These are called hallucinations, but for the person hearing them, they're real. Sometimes the voices can be terrifying.  They're belittling and constant and overwhelming.  They can be so loud it's hard to ignore them.  Occasionally they even tell the person to do dangerous things. Voices aren't always… Continue reading Psychosis: dealing with the voices

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Hints for surviving psych meds

Taking medications can be the pits.  Will they work?  Do the side effects render people bed-ridden?  Are the pills horse pills, too big to swallow?  Do I turn into a pumpkin when I forget to take my meds?  Understanding that few people like taking pills, here are some hints about keeping up with your medications.… Continue reading Hints for surviving psych meds

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Nine tips for living with bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder isn't for the faint-of-heart.  The depressions are catastrophic.  They're black, painful clouds of existence that hardly count as living.  The manias bury you with baggage and regret.  And the in-betweens, when you're trying to remember how to be "normal" and make sense out the fact that none of this is normal...  No, not… Continue reading Nine tips for living with bipolar disorder

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Tips for dealing with pain

Living with chronic pain isn't easy.  Doctors say, "work on those coping skills," but they don't know what real pain's like.  The irony is that coping skills do reduce pain.  They aren't just about distraction or minimizing angst -- they physiologically block pain receptors and improve a person's quality of life.  So, with the understanding… Continue reading Tips for dealing with pain

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A family member is badgering you: what do you do?

Problem: your aunt breaths fire at you whenever you see her.  She's belittling, insulting, hurtful, and all other synonyms for "offensive" you can come up with, and her nastiness burns you.  What do you do?  Is this worth a big fight, an exchange of words, a gentle palaver, or should you just leave it alone? … Continue reading A family member is badgering you: what do you do?

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Saving your marriage after an affair

Dear Doc Column 1-30-18   Dear Doc, my husband had an affair last month when he was out of town.  He swears it’s over, that he’s had no contact with the other woman, and I don't think he's lying about that.  But it’s been horrendous.  I get paranoid & angry and second-guess everything he does.  I’m… Continue reading Saving your marriage after an affair

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Your brain on sleep

We sleep.  We spend a third of our lives doing it, but it's still a mystery.  Why do we sleep?  Why do we dream?  Why is sleep architecture so complicated, with different stages and physical changes?  And if the need for downtime is so innate and deeply driven, why do we suffer from insomnia?  Despite the… Continue reading Your brain on sleep

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When someone you love passes away

Dear Doc Column Dear Doc, I'm convinced that without grief there is no healing, but I'm still not sure how to deal with the death of this person I care about. I have so many unanswered questions.  Do you have any helpful ideas for coming to terms with grief? I was saddened to hear you… Continue reading When someone you love passes away