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Meaning: a little bit of India

"It is true that even across the Himalayan barrier India has sent to the west, such gifts as grammar and logic, philosophy and fables, hypnotism and chess, and above all numerals and the decimal system." -- Will Durant, American Historian Too much time, and don't know what to do?   Or maybe the better question is:… Continue reading Meaning: a little bit of India

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What to do when finding a job is so scary you just want to run away

Here's the scenario.  Maybe this sounds familiar: You're unemployed and have been looking for work for months.   You're terrified because your savings won't last forever.  You're starting to feel useless and incompetent.  The free time is killing you, leaving you depressed, which is making job hunting and surviving job interviews more difficult.  It's a scary… Continue reading What to do when finding a job is so scary you just want to run away

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Problem-busting: just talk to the problem

Problem-solving worksheet Conversation with a problem  This is a 2-page cartoon-ridden worksheet that helps the reader explore a new way to approach a problem, by talking to the darned thing!   Grab a pen, start where it says "START HERE," and follow the arrows.  (Word document format) This isn't madness.  For anyone who's curious, the… Continue reading Problem-busting: just talk to the problem

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Quick guide to finding yourself

“Stay strong, make them wonder how you’re still smiling.” (Buzzfeed)   How to find the self Here's a two-step framework to help you... find yourself.  Each day, choose one of the options from step one and another from step two.  To keep things healthy, try to vary your choices from day to day.  Practice, enjoy,… Continue reading Quick guide to finding yourself

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Choosing life over addiction: relapse prevention plan

Addiction handouts, relapse prevention plan. Relapse prevention plan.  This is an "alternative" two-page worksheet helping people in recovery maneuver through those difficult moments.  Page one focuses on identifying warning symptoms and triggers, reviewing negative effects of drugs/alcohol, and the exciting effects of staying clean/sober.  Page two is aimed at urge management.  Ideally the handout would… Continue reading Choosing life over addiction: relapse prevention plan

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Why you can have a low IQ but still be amazingly smart

  Ah, intelligence. When you think of intelligence, what comes to mind?  Is it that math genius who scores well on IQ tests, with questions like the one above?  Okay, of course.  When you hear he has an IQ of 145, it probably means he's very intelligent. But what about people with normal or low… Continue reading Why you can have a low IQ but still be amazingly smart

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Glamorizing addiction

An addiction worksheet from Mental Health and You! War stories - Glamorizing addiction.  This 2-page worksheet focuses on addiction-related "war stories" -- remembering the "good ol' days," fascination with using, and favorable opinions about relapse -- and helps the person seeking recovery identify why war stories might be problematic.  The goal is to come up… Continue reading Glamorizing addiction