How-to-thrive page

Man holding sign, "It's never too late to start again"Below you’ll find a list of self-help articles about surviving and triumphing over mental illness.  This includes stuff about rewriting toxic thought patterns, how-to guides on making friends, info on dealing with stressors, and much, much more!

Sorry, this is a work in progress; some of these handouts aren’t linked to an article yet.


Addiction: Dealing with Cravings

Addiction: When Someone You Care About Is an Addict

Alzheimer’s: telling the difference between Alzheimer’s and normal aging

Anger Management

Anxiety: Muscle Relaxation Techniques

Anxiety: Dealing with the Worries

Asperger’s and Autism: How to Socialize with Neurotypicals

Asperger’s and Autism: Dealing with Meltdowns

Asperger’s and Autism: for caregivers, dealing with meltdowns

Assertiveness: Dealing with Difficult People

Assertiveness means choosing your battles

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Help with Adult ADHD


Bipolar disorder: Tips for living with bipolar disorder


Chronic pain

Cognitive Therapy

Conflict Management: Resolving conflict without escape or aggression

Conflict Management: When Your Aunt is Nasty

Coping Skills

Crisis Plan


Defense Mechanisms

Defense Mechanisms: What’s the defense mechanism of the day?

Defense Mechanisms: What would you do?

Dementia: Caring for Loved One with Dementia

Dementia: Telling the difference between Alzheimer’s and normal aging

Dementia: When is It Time for a Home?

Dementia: Tips for helping memory

Help for depression

Depression: What To Do When You’re Too Depressed To Think

Depression: When Someone You Love is Depressed

Depression: Dealing with Depression

Difficult People: Dealing with Difficult People


Free Things To Do for Fun

Friendship: Ways to Find Friends

Friendship: Making Friends out of Strangers, for the Introvert

150+ Fun Things To Do


Guilt: Overcoming Guilt


Imagery: Stranger with an Answer

Imagery: The man who reads

Insomnia: How to Sleep Better Without Medications


Medication: hints for surviving psych meds


Memory: Is this normal, or do I have Alzheimer’s?

Memory: tips for helping with memory lossHere's a little bit about Asperger's Syndrome

Meltdowns: Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism


Muscle Relaxation


Pain: Help with Chronic Pain

Panic: Overcoming Panic Attacks

Psychosis: Dealing with Voices

Psychosis: When Someone You Care About Is Psychotic

Psychosis: Have you ever been told your reality is defective?

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): how to deal with nightmares

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): how to deal with triggers


Relaxation Techniques: Muscle Relaxation


Schizophrenia: Tips for Families and Friends

Self-esteem: Building Self-Esteem

Sleep: How to Sleep Better Without Medications


Stress: Dealing with the worriesTips for loving sb with psa

Substance abuse: When Someone You Care About is an Addict


Thoughts: Battling Problem Thoughts

Traumatic Brain Injury: Help with functioning


Voices: dealing with voices


Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight/Monitoring

Information provided by Kim Rosenthal, MD – Psychiatry


Please remember that the information found here is not meant to be a substitute for real medical care.  It isn’t meant to and doesn’t provide professional diagnosis, services, or medical advice to you or any other individual.  Everyone is unique; the ideas you find here may not apply to your situation. Please make an appointment with a mental health professional for proper diagnosis and treatment of any psychiatric condition.  Keep in mind that no interaction or information on this website establishes a doctor-patient relationship.  Thanks.




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