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Mental health worksheets

Welcome to the Mental Health and You! "Mental health worksheets" page, a list of printable handouts all in PDF format.  They can be used for self-help/self-exploration or for providers with patients.  Sorry, this page is a work in progress!   Addiction Addiction - Getting to know yourself after recovery - a 2-page journey. This is… Continue reading Mental health worksheets

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Self-help page

Below you'll find a list of self-help articles about surviving and triumphing over life's challenges, like how-to-guides for rewriting toxic thought patterns, making friends, dealing with difficult people, and much, much more! A Addiction: Dealing with Cravings Addiction: When Someone You Care About Is an Addict Alzheimer's: telling the difference between Alzheimer's and normal aging… Continue reading Self-help page

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Professional help

Below you'll find a list of links to (current or eventual) blogs/articles about medications, psychotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, types of clinical settings and providers, and much more. Sorry, this is a work in progress.     A Aging: Dementia and Normal Aging Aging: Exciting Stuff About Aging Antidepressants B Bipolar medications C Cognitive… Continue reading Professional help

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Psychiatric problems

Psychiatric disorders are medical conditions that affect a person's mind and mood.  Below you'll find a list of mental health problems in alphabetical order. * Please keep in mind that only a mental health care professional can make a diagnosis. A Acute Stress Disorder Addiction: FAQ Addiction: Drugs People Use Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Alzheimer's:… Continue reading Psychiatric problems