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Worksheet: glamorizing drugs and alcohol

This 2-page worksheet examines addiction-related “war stories” — remembering the “good ol’ days,” fascination with using, and jokes about relapse — and helps identify why war stories might be problematic.  The goal is to figure out ways to STOP glamorizing addiction. I've cleaned up and reposted this worksheet from the Weird and Wacky Addiction Workbook… Continue reading Worksheet: glamorizing drugs and alcohol

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Choosing life over addiction: relapse prevention plan

Addiction handouts, relapse prevention plan. Relapse prevention plan.  This is an "alternative" two-page worksheet helping people in recovery maneuver through those difficult moments.  Page one focuses on identifying warning symptoms and triggers, reviewing negative effects of drugs/alcohol, and the exciting effects of staying clean/sober.  Page two is aimed at urge management.  Ideally the handout would… Continue reading Choosing life over addiction: relapse prevention plan