Welcome to the Mental Health and You! “Worksheets” page, a list of printable handouts.

The top-section introduces the new-style “weird and wacky addiction worksheets;” these are samples from a substance use disorder workbook I’m writing.  It’s pseudo-psychedelic, splattered with artwork, and meant to be outside the mainstream while remaining clinically on target and therapeutic.  Not quite a coloring book.  Any feedback, questions, or ideas?  I’d love to hear them.

The second section includes traditional worksheets targeted at Growth (for everyone) and Addiction (for people with alcohol, drug, gambling or other substance use disorder).

All handouts can be used for self-help/self-exploration or by providers with patients.   Handout exercises

New-style weird & wacky addiction worksheets:

Addiction – Getting to know yourself after recovery – a 2-page journey.  This is a unique two-page worksheet to help a person who’s early in recovery create and celebrate a drug-free identity.

Addiction – glamorizing drugs and alcohol.  This handout focuses on identifying addiction-related “war stories” and come up with ways to stop using them.

Addiction – Relapse prevention plan.  Need rescue from cravings?  This is a two-page, artsy worksheet aimed at helping people in recovery get through the hard times.  Also, consider checking out the article, Addiction: 4 ways to battle cravings.

Addiction/self-knowledge – if you could live your life over.  If you could repeat your life, this worksheet looks into what you’d repeat and what you’d do differently.

Problem-solving – Just talk to the problem.  A 2 page worksheet that helps the reader take on problems by literally talking to them.  Bizarre but apparently effective.  Based on narrative therapy.

Traditional worksheets

Addiction – Mistakes I’ve made because of addiction.  Addiction drives many people to do things they regret.  This worksheet is about regrets — as well as ways to overcome them.  See the article Overcoming guilt for more ways to deal with past mistakes and regrets.

Addiction – Difference between addiction and recovery.  This handout focuses on future life — comparing relapse vs recovery

Self-knowledge – Letter of Self Compassion.  Here’s a chance to work on self-forgiveness and acceptance.  The task involves writing an inspiring, compassionate letter to oneself.

Self-knowledge – What’s your perfect life.  This worksheet focuses on the reader’s dreams and goals by imagining the life they’d like to live.

Self-knowledge – Using strengths and imperfections to grow.  The reader gets to know themselves better by exploring strengths and imperfections, how both help them grow and reach for their dreams.