Addiction: weird and wacky workbook

Introductory mumbo jumbo and some interesting stuff too

We humbly introduce the (still-in-process as of 12/2018) “Weird and Wacky Workbook for People with Addiction,” an activity, coloring, and clinically-sound substance abuse treatment book devoted to people with addiction.  A dream-focused, future-oriented, optimistic, entertaining but serious workbook to target addiction, Weird and Wacky features unusual artwork, informal language, and outside-the-box thinking.

Consider visiting Weird and Wacky Workbook‘s own website.  Here you’ll find more worksheets and random posts.

A quick review.  At 200 pages, the book includes:

  • 39 substance abuse worksheets*

The substance abuse worksheets are written for addicts of any stage, whether they have they’re in their 20th year of Recovery or no plans to quit whatsoever.  The handouts vary from traditional treatment-approaches to artwork and the esoteric.

  • 16 coping skill worksheets

The coping skills section is a group of random worksheets meant to make life easier. It includes worksheets on mindfulness, gratitude lists, improving relationships, writing a meaning statement, and others.

  • 40+ activity and coloring section (not addiction-related; meant for creativity, fun, and distraction)

People struggling to distance themselves from drugs and alcohol need a bit of joy, or distraction at least; that’s what this section is about.  Here you’ll find both the mundane and the bizarre.  It’s made up of crosswords, mazes, interpreting shadows, cow personality test, IQ tests, badly humored quizzes, coloring pages, and a lot, lot more.

The authors aim to finish the book ASAP but reckon reality counts as something and tends to slow things down.   Stay tuned.  For now, you’ll find a few sample handouts below.  These are rough drafts and subject to change.

Examples of handouts:

Addiction: screen-writers wanted, the Good Guy versus Addiction.  Based on narrative therapy, this odd worksheet uses movie-writing as a tool to examine addiction from a distance.
Handout exercises

Addiction: loving life again (starting with mourning the loss of addiction) Recovery ain’t easy, and sometimes people miss the good old times.  This 8-page worksheet is a colorful and odd guide to getting past the grief and making life beautiful without drugs.

Addiction – Getting to know yourself after recovery – a 2-page journey.  This is a unique two-page worksheet to help a person who’s early in recovery create and celebrate a drug-free identity.

Addiction – glamorizing drugs and alcohol.  This handout focuses on identifying addiction-related “war stories” and coming up with ways to stop using them.

Addiction – Relapse prevention plan.  Need rescue from cravings?  This is a two-page, artsy worksheet aimed at helping people in recovery get through the hard times.  Also, consider checking out the article, Addiction: 4 ways to battle cravings.

Addiction/self-knowledge – if you could live your life overIf you could repeat your life, this worksheet looks into what you’d repeat and what you’d do differently.


*Theory and basis behind handouts.  Addiction worksheets are based on standard-of-care treatment for substance use disorders, including motivational interviewing, cognitive behavior therapy, and relapse prevention.  There’s a strong emphasis on positive psychology, as well as a pinch of psychoeducation, 12-step teachings, art therapy, narrative therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and a gaggle of strangely-themed handouts.  There’s other stuff in there, but that’s part of our secret recipe and we can’t share that right now!

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