Addiction: weird & wacky workbook

Intro: Mumbo jumbo and some interesting stuff too

First things first…What’s addiction?

The formal version: Also called substance abuse, addiction is a chronic disease characterized by compulsive, uncontrollable drug-seeking and using behavior, despite harmful consequences.  Related changes in brain chemistry affect cognition, mood, thinking, behavior, decision-making abilities, and how a person relates to others.   Existentially substance use disorders dictate identity.  Recovery is marked by frequent relapses back to the familiar until a firm psyche is established, allowing independent ego functioning and…

The informal version:  Addiction messes you up, messes your family up, messes your life up.  It takes away your future and dreams.

So we need a dream-focused, future-oriented, optimistic, entertaining but clinically-based workbook to target addiction.

[Warning: you’re about to be inundated with our latest project…]

We humbly introduce the (still-in-process) “Weird and Wacky Workbook for People with Addiction,” an activity, coloring, and clinically-sound substance abuse treatment book devoted to people with addiction.  Featuring weird art, irreverent language, and outside-the-box thinking, this 140-page workbook includes:

  • 30 handouts targeting substance use disorders
  • 12+ coping skill worksheets
  • 50 activity and coloring pages (not addiction-related, meant for fun and distraction)

The addiction worksheets are based on standard-of-care treatment for substance use disorders, including positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and relapse prevention, with a pinch of psychoeducation, 12-step teaching, art therapy, narrative therapy, and strangely-themed handouts (writing movies, etc).  Coping skills range from mindfulness and gratitude lists to writing a meaning statement.  That leaves the activity section.  People struggling to distance themselves from drugs and alcohol need distraction and a bit of joy; that’s what this section is about.  Here you’ll find both mundane and bizarre.  It’s made up of crosswords, mazes, interpreting shadows, cow personality test, IQ tests, tongue-in-cheek quizzes, coloring pages, and a lot, lot more.

The authors aim to finish the book ASAP but reckon reality counts as something and tends to slow things down.   Stay tuned.  For now, you’ll find a few sample handouts below.  These are rough drafts and subject to change.
Handout exercises

Addiction: loving life again (starting with mourning the loss of addiction) Recovery ain’t easy, and sometimes people miss the good old times.  This 8-page worksheet is a colorful and odd guide to getting past the grief and making life beautiful without drugs.

Addiction – Getting to know yourself after recovery – a 2-page journey.  This is a unique two-page worksheet to help a person who’s early in recovery create and celebrate a drug-free identity.

Addiction – glamorizing drugs and alcohol.  This handout focuses on identifying addiction-related “war stories” and coming up with ways to stop using them.

Addiction – Relapse prevention plan.  Need rescue from cravings?  This is a two-page, artsy worksheet aimed at helping people in recovery get through the hard times.  Also, consider checking out the article, Addiction: 4 ways to battle cravings.

Addiction/self-knowledge – if you could live your life over.  If you could repeat your life, this worksheet looks into what you’d repeat and what you’d do differently.

Problem-solving – Just talk to the problem.  A 2 page worksheet that helps the reader take on problems by literally talking to them.  Bizarre but, according to studies, very effective.  Based on narrative therapy.